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Mi Account Unlock Tool

Few years ago my friend had brought a phone called Xiaomi, and I laughed at him for buying a Chinese phone, which is generally faulty and of poor quality. However, with Xiaomi, I got it wrong. Their offerings were of high quality and at a low cost. That is the reason why they are competing with the likes of Apple, Samsung, and others for smartphone supremacy. In this article we will be looking at Xiaomi phones in general and the very cool Mi Account Unlock Tool.

Why Should You a Get a Xiaomi Phone in The First Place?

Before using Mi account unlock tool, you should have a Xiaomi phone, so let us see what makes Xiaomi a good buy.
1. Price-performance ratio: Xiaomi phones pack in great specifications at a low price. Even their flagship phones cost less than 400 dollars (INR 26000).
2. Quality hardware and good build material-While its price is comparatively on the lower side, Xiaomi never compromised on its hardware. Many of their phones run on the Snapdragon processors, considered as one of the best processors. Their build quality is also top notch.
3. Camera Quality: Let me get this straight, the Xiaomi camera is a thing of quality. The Mi A1 camera literally gave me the push to start an Instagram account. Even the 100 dollars Redmi 2 can take great pictures and videos at 1080p resolution.

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Forgot Mi Account Password – bypass account verification

What happens if you forgot your mi account password? In that case, you can use forgot password option but sometimes it won’t work if you didn’t remember mi account id and password. So here you need to bypass the Mi cloud verification to enable the device access again. For that, you need to download mi account unlock tool rar file in your device. Follow this post till the end to know what is the mi account tool and how to use mi unlock tool to bypass account verification.

What is the Mi Account Unlock Tool?

The Mi account unlock tool is a windows based application which helps in removing or unlocking your Mi account. Sometimes you might forget your account password or worst case scenario- your account might get blocked. The Mi account unlock tool or mi account remove tool can come to the rescue in such situations. Also after a hard reset, you can bypass account on any Xiaomi and Redmi devices using this software. The Mi account is very important to a Xiaomi user, it’s basically what play store is for the Android users. Having a Mi account gives us access to the cloud features of Xiaomi wherein we can sync data like pictures, music etc.

Mi Account Unlock Tool

If you buy a new Xiaomi phone, then data from the old phone can be imported via logging to the Mi account. The Mi account unlock tool is supported on Windows 7,Xp,8,8.1,Vista,10(32 bit and 64 bit versions). Basically, this tool is an essential for all the Xiaomi users. You can download Mi account unlock tool rar file by following below steps. it also known as mi account remove tool.

Download Mi Account Unlock tool


Software name: Mi Account Unlock Tool

File Size: 4.4mb

Mi Account Unlock Tool Rar

Format: Mi Account Unlock Tool rar

Supported Windows Os :

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

How To Use the Mi Account Unlock Tool

1. First download the mi account unlock tool rar file from the link given here – Mi account unlocker.
2. Make sure the antivirus is turned off before installation as it may delete certain files.
3. Then extract the file to a specified folder and run the setup file.
4. Follow the instructions and click on next button.
5. Now before connecting the phone to the computer, you must put it in recovery mode
6. To activate recovery mode, power off your smartphone and press volume up and power key simultaneously, until you Mi logo. Now press the volume up key.
7. Now is the time to run the Mi account unlock tool and you can connect your phone to the pc via a usb cable.
8. In the Mi account unlock tool there is an information tab, where you can get information about your phone. You can just glance at it, if needed.
9. Next step is to click on the bypass Mi Account option. Your phone will now restart automatically.
10. Disconnect the phone from pc, complete the setup and Mi account unlock tool has done its magic.

Final Words

The great advantage of the Mi account unlock tool is its simplicity, ease of use and more importantly, it is free. It can save you random visits to the service center and gives you the complete Mi experience. If You still have any doubt then feel free to comment.

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How To Delete Account Permanently



How To Delete Account is the most trending free Social media music App. We all know its easy to create an account on But Deleting account is not easy. So today we are going to share How To Delete Account Permanently. Before we proceed to the guide, let’s know some interesting facts about

What Is

As we mentioned above it’s a free social media music app with 100 million registered users. is a free social media platform or Music App for creating, sharing and discovering short music videos. Every day, millions of people use Inc. was founded by longtime friends Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang. Before launching, Zhu and Yang teamed up to build an education social network app, through which users could both teach and learn different subjects through short-form videos (source : Wikipedia)

Here a user can create videos and choose soundtrack to accompany them. have great features, for example, you can use different speed option fast, slow, normal etc. creating account on musically is very simple but when you trying to delete account, it is not easy as you think. Many peoples are looking for deactivating option in app but let me tell you guys there is no option in the app to deactivate your account. So is that mean there is no way to Delete musically account Permanently? of course there is, Follow below guide on How To Delete Musically Account Permanently.

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Hide Your Account

Yes, you can Delete account Permanently but you can also hide your personal information in app without deleting your account. Consider below steps to hide your information in app.

  • open app on your device.
  • Choose Settings from upper right side corner.

How To Delete Account

  • Click on Privacy & Settings.

  • Now click on private account.

  • You have successfully done.

When your account is private, only people you approve can see your profile. your existing followers won’t be affected. make your account private so no one can see your activities. If you don’t want to make your account private and looking for deleting your account then follow below steps, where we shared How To Delete Musically Account Permanently.

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How To Delete Account Permanently

How To Delete Musically Account

  • firstly you have to go Support page.
  • Now Choose general feedback On How we can Help ?
  • Select your platform between iOS And Android.
  • Choose Other for What feature do you have feedback on?
  • Enter your registered Email Address.
  • Mention your genuine reason for deleting the account in the section of What information should we know?
  • Click on Submit button. that’s it.
How to Delete Account

How To Delete Musically Account

Final Words

I hope, now all of you know How To Delete Account Permanently. With the help of this method, you can delete account.

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9 Best Hamachi Alternatives For Virtual LAN Gaming



hamachi alternatives

Hamachi Alternatives For Virtual LAN Gaming: Today, we are going to talk about something interesting, something that relates to your childhood memories. Now guess what can be the most memorable thing from childhood? It is exactly what children do most of the time, means, playing games. As we grew up we were introduced to this game called counter strike, which got us all addicted. Remember how we played this game by teaming up with our friends on LAN? If you are a fan of LAN gaming, then you might be surely aware of the Hamachi virtual LAN gaming software. For those who don’t know Hamachi, let us tell you that it is a virtual network where everyone who has this software can go to that network and do file sharing or play games. It is a freeware program that creates a virtual network adapter. Using a user interface you can create groups and invite other users of Hamachi into your group (or join other groups if invited). You have a list you can constantly look up who is connected to you. All persons to whom you have a connection will also display in the windows network folder.

Hamachi is one of the best virtual LAN gaming software out there but as everything has its own limitations, Hamachi also has few. In this article, we will talk about the limitations of Hamachi and discuss the Hamachi Alternatives to overcome those limitations or drawbacks. The reason for limitations in Hamachi is that there are two versions of Hamachi, free and paid. Now you might have already got an idea that free version will definitely have some limitations. The most important point of the free version is that any specific VPN can connect only five clients at most, including the host. So without talking much lets directly cut to the list of Best Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming.

The Best Hamachi Alternatives (Better Than Hamachi)


Hamachi Alternatives

NetOverNet is a simple VPM emulator with fewer settings and preferences. It is an easy yet powerful tool which lets you connect multiple devices during the internet. It is also one of the best Hamachi Alternatives. One can connect to multiple devices at the same time with the help of the internet, it also allows remote access to computers that are connected to VPN. Moreover, each device has its own login and password for a connection is accessible in the user’s virtual network by an IP address defined in the private area, making it more secure.

Visit NetoverNet



best Hamachi Alternative

Evolve has grabbed the attention of many pro gamers in the world and has fast gained popularity after Hamachi. Similar to Hamachi, it also has network adapters and extra tunneling drivers that enables easy and seamless communication. It has some exciting features such as party mode, matchmaking mode, and integrated live streaming to the widely used platforms such as facebook, youtube and twitch. It also enables users to text and voice chat, unlike Hamachi which makes it one of the best alternative.

Visit Evolve


better than Hamachi

FreeLAN is another one of the best and simple application to create a virtual private network. It is open source like Wippien and can be customized to create different network topologies. It doesn’t provide Graphical User Interface for ease of configuration so you will have to manually configure it using the config file in order for it to run however, you will get support from FreeVPN community if required. You will experience smooth gaming without any lags unlike the free version of Hamachi. Hence, this is one of the good alternatives as well.

Visit FreeLan


Hamachi Alternative

This is one of the lightest and smallest Hamachi alternatives which is just 2 MB in size but still good. It is for people who do not like unnecessary bloatware on their computer. It is a free and open source VPN creator which connects to other computers using P2P connection. However, its only limitation is that you can only register on this platform using Gmail and Jabber accounts. It does not support other email services for registration. But anyway, it is one of the best alternatives for Hamachi.

Visit Wippien

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Game ranger

This was first launched for Mac OS and one of the first Hamachi alternative that was rolled out. It became popular soon as the security and stability provided by Game Ranger were unparalleled when compared to rivals though it had less number of features. Hence, it was later introduced on Windows platform also. Unlike other Virtual LAN gaming clients, Game Ranger does not utilize various drivers to emulate LAN gaming but achieves the same internally via its client. However, it works with the only supported list of games unlike Hamachi supports all games.

Visit Gameranger


SoftEther VPN

similar like Hamachi

SoftEther VPN is again an open source and cross-platform VPN client and server software. it is also programs like hamachi. It can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD operating systems.

Visit Softether

 ZeroTier One (alternatives to hamachi)

ZeroTier one is also an open source software that will enable you to create and join virtual VPN servers very quickly.


NeoRouter allows you to create and see private and public servers through the internet. It supports Windows, Mac OS X/iOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Android, and switches firmware. One important security feature is that it uses 256-bit SSL encryption which makes it secure compared to other virtual LANs.

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Comodo Unite

Comodo unite provides an encrypted connection for a group of computers to share files. It is also possible to create teams and chat over instant messaging. On the top, it provides 128-bit SSL connection for secure data transfer, making it one of the best Hamachi alternatives.

We hope that this list was helpful to you and worth your reading time. We tried to cover the best Hamachi alternatives that we knew, but many others besides this are also available. Feel free to explore.

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8 Secrets To Buying A Mobile Phone On EMI



So you want to buy mobiles on EMI without credit card? To begin with, you should look at the price band and whether you need to spend that much or go for a lower price band phone. This is an area which needs a little thought. 

The features that you need may be available in a slightly cheaper phone. However, if it’s the model which is the key then, of course, these things do not matter. But if you are a little sensible, then you could save some money and still have a phone that works for you. 

To buy a phone on EMI means taking a loan and paying for it on a monthly equated installment basis. Basically, you pay X amount every month. Be aware that once you take the credit, this is the amount you will have to pay, no matter what. This is a fixed liability. Consider this fact before buying that new smartphone.

Select Your Smartphone:

  1. The first thing is to select the model. Which brand and which model. Some brands offer discounts, look for those if they suit your needs. Check to see which company is offering the best discount. Check online e-commerce sites to see if there are discounts and whether these are better. Sometimes these sites offer good discounts.

Carefully Consider The Terms:

The second trick is to see what terms are being offered. What is the tenure of the loan you wish to avail? Typically it ranges from 6 months to 24 months. See if you can get an interest free deal. That way you can save money. But check to see if the price is correct. Compare with discounts being offered by the brands.

Figure Out The Method Of Payment:

There are several ways of buying a phone on EMI. One is using a credit card. However, be aware that should you fail to pay the credit card debt every month, for the EMI which has been debited from your card amount, you will pay usurious rates of interest. 

This will add to the dues on your card and should you fail several of these monthly payments to your card account, you will find yourself paying out large sums of money.

Alternatives To Credit Cards:

If you do not have a credit card, you are a student or do not have any salary income, but you have income from other sources, then the best way is to buy through NBFC companies. These do not need a credit card, and their processing is also quicker.

Purchasing The Selected Mobile Phone Using Selected Method:

Once you have selected the NBFC, go to a designated store, which the NBFC works with and choose your phone. Be careful not to choose something which is beyond your means. It is better to be conservative unless you have enough funds to rely on to repay the installments. 

The executives at the store will help with the documentation, and the process typically does not take long provided the documents are in order.

Documentation Required:

NBFCs generally need an Aadhar card, PAN card, and a canceled cheque. While the ID documents are okay, beware of handing out post-dated cheques one for each installment. If a cheque bounces and you are unable to make good, the amount of prosecution is a severe danger.

How To Pay:

While finalizing the loan and the EMI payable, etc., try and make as big a down payment as possible. The larger the down payment, the smaller the loan and easier the repayment. Next is the tenure of the loan. The shorter the tenure, the lower the interest, unless of course, it is an interest-free EMI. 

But sometimes models that you particularly want to buy are not covered by an interest-free EMI. However, the tenure would depend on how much you can afford, comfortably, every month. Sometimes a longer tenure is advisable so that the monthly payments can be easily met.

Things To Be Careful About:

Finally, read and understand the loan documents which you sign. You need to read the fine print to understand exactly what you are getting into. Also, check to see that the store supplies you with a new phone. The sealed box should be opened in front of you. While this may seem silly, all precautions are always a good idea.

Better safe than sorry. Prepare a plan to keep sufficient money in the account from where the payments will go from. It is always wiser to save a little extra in that account to prevent a bank charge or some other charge to deplete the account and for the EMI installment to fail. 

There are some problems with mobiles on EMI without credit cards but keeping in mind these secrets, you can overcome them.

A failed installment means penalties and people calling up at all odd hours asking for payment -and that’s problematic. However, if you have followed these tips before buying, you should go through the installments smoothly. Meanwhile, you can enjoy your new phone.

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