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Best Highly Compressed Android Games You Should Download in 2020



Best Highly Compressed Android Games

Best Highly Compressed Android Games: Gaming is a great hobby to have. It reduces stress, anxiety, and more importantly offers truckloads of fun. From the Nintendo NES to the current era of virtual reality and mobile gaming, video games have come a long way. Here in this article, we will be looking at the best Android games you can play. If you are wondering why I used the word “Compressed” in the title, it is because I don’t want you to waste valuable internet data downloading files, which you don’t need to. Here I will provide highly compressed games direct download links for the game as well. So here comes the highly compressed Android games you should play.

Best Highly Compressed Android Games

Top Highly Compressed Games for Android

The Amazing Spider-Man

The web-slinger had some great video games and this one is a good game. You can swing across the building using a web. The button has to kept pressed to complete the swing. The graphics are pretty good for an Android game and free-roaming is possible. The missions are highlighted on the map. The combat is lucid and spider-sense warns of you of attacks from enemies. However, the missions feel repetitive and the cut scenes can be a turn-off. If you adore Spiderman then you should get this game.

GTA San Andreas

Possibly one of the most influential games of all time, San Andreas eventually made its way to the Android. It is an open-world game and has shooting, driving, and RPG elements. GTA San Andreas on Android is almost the same one that arrived back in 2004. The controls are modified to suit the touchscreen and there are slight changes in graphics. The gameplay is the same. You also have the freedom to make changes in graphics, if you want to increase Rockstar has done a fine job with port and while the controls may feel awkward at first, this game is truly incredible.

best Highly Compressed Android Games

Modern Combat 4

Modern Combat 4 is among the best shooting games you can play on your Android phone. It is like a mobile version of the Call of Duty game series. The game is action-packed with cinematic moments here and there. Shooting mechanics are good with an inbuilt auto-save feature. The game features a multiplayer mode as well. The graphics are great and the game has a decent-sized world to explore. The sound effects are realistic. The controls are great and you can use the right side of the screen to aim and look while there is a separate button for combat. The game has an auto-aim feature. Thus Modern Combat 4 is one solid game that you don’t wanna miss.

download Highly Compressed Android Games

Need for Speed

Need for Speed-No Limits is an extremely fun racing game. The controls are minimalistic, in the sense that there is no acceleration and brake button. You are always in full acceleration mode and you can tap the screen to move right or left. There are 30 cars available in the game and customizable parts are available for the cars. The detailed graphics is one of the high-points of the game. The racing part is very good, however, the races are only of short duration.

Highly Compressed Android Games download

Max Payne

Another iconic game by Rockstar, Max Payne was incredibly popular back in the day, due to the bullet-time feature. Basically, we enter slow-motion mode and start our kill-spree. Max Payne was a third-person shooter, with a variety of weapons and few puzzles. In terms of gameplay, nothing has changed in the Android version. By default, the game runs in auto-aim mode. My personal experience is that the game should be played with a controller, as playing with touch-screen makes the game very easy. The graphics are not eye-popping, but that is not the reason why you should be playing the game.

Highly Compressed Android Games direct download link

Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper is another simple game, which when mixed with a bit of creativity, offers a solid experience. Throughout the game, we will be sniping targets. Additional points are awarded for kills-which go unnoticed. Besides the main missions, there are other objectives, like performing headshots, setting traps, etc. The game is visually appealing and has a very simple control scheme, which you will get used within a few minutes of playtime.

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Wild Blood

Wild Blood is a hack-slash video game with a few RPG elements. The protagonist is Lancelot a knight. The story is surprisingly good and is based upon an Arthurian legend. The touchscreen controls the camera views while a virtual stick facilitates the movement, coupled with virtual buttons for combat. The game has a skill system, where you can customize as you need. The game is truly gorgeous with nice visual effects, however, I must warn you that there were occasional dips in frame rates. It has a multiplayer mode as well.

Gangstar Rio

City of Saints- The last in our list of highly compressed Android games, this is a solid open-world game. The map is big and the graphics are nice. The game offers a nice character development system. The voice-acting is not going to leave everyone amazed, but other than that, the game offers a good experience.


So that concludes the list of our highly compressed Android games. All the games are a joy to play and you should select the genre which suits you the best.

Happy Gaming.

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Download Gta 4 APK for Android



Are you an Android user and in search of some best Android games? So, I am here to help you and guide you guys for your problem. Yes, as you have read the caption of this article, today I am here to apprise you about GTA 4 free download for android phone. But before I start with this guide, I would first apprise you about what this game exactly is. Well, I believe, before you download any game or an app, you must have complete knowledge about it. So, you become aware of how to use it, and what are its advantages and disadvantages. As well as, you also get to know about the conditions before or while using it.

GTA 4 Apk supports a similar franchise like Sandreas. And so, it is one of the most popular Android game nowadays not only between the youngsters but between the adults also. Well, let me tell you, Rockstar didn’t provide GTA 4 for iOS and Android users, so, not all your friends can play GTA 4 PC version. It became available on the Android mobile platform when some game minded modders decided. So, now you only need an Android device with you which supports 1GB RAM at least, and you can comfortably play this game.

Well, as I said above before you download any game or an app, you need to know about how to use it. So, let me tell you, even if you are using an Android device for the first time, follow our guide carefully, and you will be able to easily use it. For playing this game, you need to fulfill the following requirements, and you will be able to easily play and enjoy GTA 4 obb download.

  • Use 4.0 Android, and if you have the phone, which supports more than five inches screen, it would be more than perfect.
  • As I already mentioned above, your phone must support at least, 1GB RAM, and storage space.
  • And the last requirement, CPU above the dual core. Well, it is available in most of the Android devices.

So, these are the requirements which you need to fulfill, and you will be easily able to play this video game on your Android devices.

So, for smoothly running this game, follow the steps mentioned below, and you will not face any inconvenience.

Download GTA 4 APK for Android

  • Well, you can download this either from the play store or from the links which many sites offer if you can’t find it on Play store.
  • Once you will download it, locate it to your folder, and install it.
  • After installing it, you will get it’s an icon on your device, Open it.
  • So, yes, open it, and it will download data files and obb.
  • Now, you are ready to play this game.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, this is the complete guide for GTA 4 apk download. I hope it was helpful for you, and you can now play it without any inconvenience. Thank You.

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Kids Preschool Learning Games: A Unique and Entertaining App



Are you showing enthusiasm for taking in another sort of illustration skill test then you should Kids Preschool Learning Games that has presented a new idea for kids.

Kids Preschool Learning Games overview

It’s time to turn your smartphones into a fun toy and learn the value of being an artist. As a learner, you need to investigate each new fun way that offers you something crisp and new. This is the reason children need to permit to utilize their creative energy and inventiveness that cherishes Kids Preschool Learning Games drawing. All in one shading has taken another color in the type of which is an astounding imaginative application intended for individuals of any age who basically love shading and drawing.


You need to feel push less, and afterward, it is time that you ought to leave on a voyage and make an incredible association with your dreamland and experiment with filling the most ideal hues into those wonderful and alluring pictures identified interactive basic stylish games.

Having said this we have now listed some real facts about Kids Preschool Learning Games to enable you to comprehend what precisely this application is, what number of features you will get the opportunity to see, how you can utilize it, which are the advantages kids will get, and why you must play this amazing game.

What precisely is Kids Preschool Learning Games?

This is an application which is specially made for the two children and grown-ups. It offers you an alternate idea of attracting and shading to fill your most loved ABC letters, and numbers to learn new things you like to educate and improve memory and now get to change their style, designs, thus substantially more simply utilizing your child’s inner abilities.

How many main features you will get the chance to see?

  • There are a lot of features that will give you best a great time while playing, you will turn out to be increasingly imaginative as well as turn out to be better at what you do. How about we see a portion of the main features including,
  • Choose 150 delightful colors to paint
  • Splendid shading pencils
  • Learn to solve puzzles
  • Available for free
  • High definition display and images
  • Zoom in and zoom out and move pictures
  • Draw your very own photos and fill it blend of hues
  • Enjoy entertaining stuff
  • Redo and fix capacities to move in
  • Play boundless and share pictures with loved ones
  • Great app for 5 years old kids
  • Save your work of art in photograph display

How you can utilize this app?

The amusement offers you a straightforward and simple to learn idea where you should just concentrate on shading, check out the commands,

1) First, select a shading format.

2) Choose the shading pencil.

3) Draw by hauling your finger on the screen.

4) Change the span of pencil whenever.

5) Use eraser or recolor pictures to make it flawless.

6) Once done offer your unique work via web-based social media networks.

Which are the advantages kids will get to improve their creativity?

You don’t have to introduce some other Fruit Vegetables Coloring book for kids since you will be very occupied with this one who offers you unlimited classes and your most loved including,

  1. A) Alphabets
  2. B) Colors
  3. C) Numbers
  4. D) Fruits
  5. E) Shapes

User reviews: 4.6

Works with Android version 4.7 and later

Why you must play this amazing game?

Kids Preschool Learning Games enables you to accomplish more than shading, with a large assortment of games color your way to become expert and get entertained. This holiday season it is a perfect gift for kids to become genius.

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Suikoden 6 Release Date Update News



suikoden 6

Suikoden 6 Release Date Update News: If you adore role-playing games then you should have known about the Suikoden series by Konami. Ever since the first game released in the PlayStation way back in 1995, it has attracted the attention of gamers through its compelling gameplay. Loosely based on a Chinese novel, each individual game in the series centers on relative themes of politics, corruption, revolution, mystical crystals known as True Runes and the “108 Stars of Destiny”.source: wikipedia

The Suikoden series has had 5 main installments and 6th one has been a long time due. Understandably Suikoden fans are frustrated and are wondering if the series is dead. Konami hasn’t been vocal about the situation and they haven’t made any statements or official announcements regarding the Suikoden 6 release date. The last game was released way back in 2006, and it has been 12 years since then without any further news. The Suikoden IP is owned by Konami and unless Konami is willing to sell the rights, realistically another release of Suikoden 6 looks highly improbable. Suikoden 2, even though was adored by the fans was not a big commercial profit in the eyes of the investors. That might be another possible reason on why the series has been stalled. Konami’s disbanding of the development team behind Suikoden caused a huge meltdown among the fans.

suikoden 6

They believed Konami were outright suggesting that Suikoden Series had reached its end. Some people also believed that Konami might be up to something exciting. This has resulted in the Suikoden Revival Movement-where fans of the series around the world join hands to voice their opinion-although it appears that they fighting a losing battle. Konami has received a lot of flak for not selling the IP to another company and it remains uncertain whether they would opt to do so in the future. What is certain is the fact that the Revival Movement is still going strong and you can also be a participant. In 2016, Konami had announced that they stopped console games and would focus on mobile gaming, which had been a big hit in Japan. While they were quick to roll back on their statement, Konami and Japanese Gaming Studios are not finding console-gaming as profitable and lucrative as handheld gaming.

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Suikoden 6 Release Date Update

While it is easy to criticize and hurl abuse at Konami, they themselves are not at fault. For a company as big as them to stay in business, it needs to generate profits and they don’t see Suikoden as a big source of money. The investment and time in making an AAA game are huge and if Konami feels that their efforts are not worth it, then we honestly can’t fault them.

The previous Suikoden games hadn’t set the market on fire and it is unlikely that Konami believes that a 6th entry can change the scenario. Even Suikoden 2, for all its praise, was just not a blockbuster release Couple in the piracy-factor and you can understand the hesitancy behind the developer. So the advice is- not to get your hopes up for Suikoden 6.

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Alternatives to Suikoden 6

If we think practically, the next logical step would be to get suikoden 6 out of our mind and find some other great alternatives as there is no shortage of quality games nowadays. Being an avid gamer i can recommend a few as well. Let’s check them out.

Skies of Arcadia

Skies of Arcadia is one of the most popular video game which is developed by Overworks for the Dreamcast and published by Sega in 2000. This will give you the same experience just like suikoden. If you like the fight battle of suikoden then i am sure, you gonna love this game.

Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles is created by Ryutaro Nonaka and Shuntaro Tanaka and developed by Sega. it is also a similar game like suikoden 6. Even the theme of Valkyria Chronicles is also similar like Suikoden. You should try this game at least once.

The Last Remnant

When it comes to Suikoden alternatives, then The Last Remnant also makes the place. If you are a fan of Xbox 360 then this game is for you. The Last Remnant game developed and published by Square Enix for the Xbox 360.

Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation video game console. Actually, it is based on a novel called Radical Dreamers. Chrono Cross offers 40 plus playable characters. How can we forget the amazing music of suikoden, you will feel the same experience when you play chrono cross.

These are the best alternatives to Suikoden 6. While they may not match Suikoden flair, at least having something is better than nothing. Also, Konami still owns the Suikoden IP and if a huge turn of events happens then who knows? We might get to see a new Suikoden game(suikoden 6) or even a re-release. Another possible option is Konami selling the rights to another company, and if things go well, we might get a game as good as Suikoden or even better.

Final Thoughts

I don’t expect to see a Suikoden 6 game anytime soon. Even if it releases it might take 4-5 years to come to the consoles. Since there hasn’t been any word from Konami we can just hope and pray, Soon Suikoden 6 release date announced. The best thing is to pick up a different game and keep yourself entertained as Suikoden 6 is looking like a distant possibility.

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